Social service

Introduction- Social service is the great responsibility of everyone if we really want to live for the noble cause and make our living successful . It makes us real human being or pure soul on this earth. Our intention must be clear and have to do work on it.It gives us true satisfaction and inspires us to do something more inspirable and good for the society.It is an important aspect and once our craze increases for doing something meaningful we easily get to know that we r not physical being having a limitation but we are the soul who come on this world just for doing good in the society because in scriptures it is clearly written that human mortal is not easy to get and if we get this birth then means we are the too lucky and our intention must create only meaningful in this soceity.We have to live peacefully and also make other to live with peace.It is called humanity..

Dear friends I want to inform u all abt one noble social and spritual organisation which is doing great social -service and participation for the noble cause and help us even making our contribution in it..

Djjs-Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthaan-Djjs is a social cum spiritual organisation working at all aspect by helping in creating the peace..For that pls once visit and get to know abt the social initiatives..

This organisation is really motivable doing their participation in many social initiatives..Main purpose of this organisation is to change the mindset of person totally from the inner-being and fill up the good sanskaars in us through the brahm gyan..

Brahm gyan is a traditional- science(mentioned in scriptures) which is given by all gurus who come in all Yuga’s. Brahm gyan is an unique-technique through which complete individual can change and peace can be established at all level..This is not a theoretical matter what I am discussing..Works of Djjs prooved it and we all as a souls blessed through it.Sarv Shri “Ashutosh Maharaj ji is the founder of this organisation”.

Social initiatives under which this organisation played there role are as-“Manthan”(supported slumb children),”Antardrishti”(supported blind people),””Santulan”(based on gender equality),”Kamdhenu”(conserving Indian Cows”,

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