Spirituality is the wider and deeper concept, which we can’t understand with our brain and not with our logics also..A person can never understand it if he wants to judge through his life experience or mind as depicted by our sacred-granths…In our scriptures it is clearly written that Guru is only mediator who iniates with brahm-gyan…It happens at all times and in all ages..

Guru brahma,Guru Vishnu..Guru Devo Maheshwara..

Guru hi sabh kuchh hotein hain yeh Shastra-granth Kehte hain..But now question comes who is true guru..How we can search true-guru because today we are seeing only fake-gurus..As through example,if there are illegitimate notes t doesnt mean real-notes are not available..Real-notes exists now question is how we can discriminate

between real and illegiminate notes..We can discriminate only if we know the identification of it..And once we identify the real-identification,we never loose or no -one can make us fool..So same rule is applied in the spiritual-field,we have to search with our wisdom and with the help of sacred-text the same real-identification of true-guru..

Hanuman-Chalisa clearly depicts it….Shri Guru Charan Saroj Raj,Nijman Mukur Sudhar,,,Varno Raghuvar Vimal Jas jo Dayak phal Chaar..

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